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Commitment for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

1. Who keeps the register Hotelli Ivalo Oy Ltd
Ivalontie 34
99800 Ivalo

2. Contact person for issues regarding register
Christin Sieppi, tel. +358-16-688 111

3. The name of the register
Hotelli Ivalo Oy:n Ltd’s customer register

4. The legal basis for processing personal data
Processing of personal data in the customer register is based on the customer relationship of consumer customers to Hotel Ivalo Oy Ltd.

5. Purpose of processing personal data
Uses for customer information in the customer register are:
– managing and developing customer relations.
– customer communication
– handling the reservations made by the customer
– sales and implementation of services
– payment, billing and the processing of personal data related to control and collection of fees.
– marketing of the register keepers services
– developing Hotel Ivalo Oy Ltd’s business and customer service
– The customer´s special dietary information is only used for manufacturing and serving.

6. Personal data processed
Hotelli Ivalo Oy Ltd handles personal information about customers as follows:
– customers first- and last name, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address, passport number
– citizenship
– information about reservations
– customer payment and billing information
– information about whether the customer has denied access to direct marketing
– information of use and purchase of services
– information about customer choices and wishes.
For ex. special room wishes, accessibility issues.
– information about possible feedback and complaints
– possible special dietary. Information is only used for manufacturing and serving.

7. Where personal information is obtained
– directly from the customer
– from customer´s friend, making the reservation
– from the company where the customer works
– booking service companies

8. Personal data recipients or recipient groups
– information may be handed over to authorities,
according to local laws and regulations if needed.
– information may be handed over to a security guard representative if there is any doubt about improper behavior.
– to a third party – co-operators / subcontractors

9. Transfer of data outside the EU
– Information about customers, are handed over for ex. if a tour operator / travel agent asks for a booking confirmation with customer information, for ex. for a visa application.

10. The retention period for personal data
– Personal data is retained in the hotel system starting 299 days.

11. Rights of the registered
– The personal data contained in the customer register is processed on the basis of the legitimate interest of Hotelli Ivalo Oy Ltd (Data protection article 6, article 1 (e)). In this case, the legitimate interest is formed by the customer relationship. Personal data are also processed on the basis of the agreement between Hotel Ivalo Oy and a registered user (Data protection article 6, article 1, (b)).

– The customer has a right to object

12. The right to appeal to the supervisory authority
The customer has a right to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority, if the customer feels that the company keeping the register, has failed to comply with applicable data protection regulations.

13. Request for access to registered rights
In matters relating to the processing of personal data and in situations involving the exercise of their own rights the customer can be in contact with the register contact person

A request for verification or any other claim of the exercise of a register right, shall be made to the contact person in writing, either by e-mail or post.
The hotel may ask the customer to specify in sufficient detail what information or processing actions the data subject’s claim concerns.

In order to ensure, that personal data are not handed over to others than the customer him- or herself, the company may, if necessary, request the customer to submit the request signed. The company may also demand the customer to prove his / her identity with an official identification or in another reliable way.

This document is translated from Finnish and we do not take responsibility for incorrect translations. The original version in Finnish is the proper one.

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